Message From The Board Of Directors

Managing Director                  
      Dato' Ir. Ong Boon Kheng               

When we started down this path all those years ago, little did we foresee the tremendous success that Electcoms would become. We merely held firm to our principles of innovation and quality service and put in our hard work, but those seemingly simple values were to stand us in good stead over the years. It allowed us to overcome every single obstacle we encountered and helped us grow from strength to strength. This philosophy has now been enshrined in the Electcoms doctrine, and became our commitment to all our customers, our commitment to provide excellence in world-class communications. To this end, we continue to strive for greater heights in our core strengths of innovation and service - every single employee of Electcoms is behind this pledge to excellence. The telecommunications industry is today extremely competitive, but we have chosen to view this positively. Competition allows us to be clearly differentiated from others for the quality of our service and our ability to provide the optimal solution to our customers.

Our pledge is also given the full backing by all the shareholders of Electcoms. Our proven long-term track record is assured and our continued commitment to our customers is guaranteed. Electcoms is on the right path, the path of unlimited growth. We invite you to come experience the unrivalled edge we offer you in telecommunications and together we will be in touch with tomorrow today.

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