MOTOTRBO Vs Cellular

The MOTOTRBO Network digital two way radio system offers an alternative solution to high priced cellular plans. MOTOTRBO can help your business improve productivity and operational effectiveness by enabling you to communicate with and provide information to your employees virtually anywhere and at anytime. And with an integrated GPS modem, you can utilize location tracking applications all in one device. MOTOTRBO – designed to improve your response time and increase your productivity and efficiency, cost effectively, today – and tomorrow.

Our Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Connect Plus system offers the following features vs cellular plans.

  • Low monthly costs
  • No minutes to keep track off. Talk all day and all night.
  • No distractions or cost related to making personal calls.
  • Priority / Queuing.
  • Talk Group Call.
  • Multi-Group call.
  • Emergency Call.
  • No data or calling plan overages.
  • Text messaging available on all plans.
  • GPS / Data available
  • Need to talk to your whole team? No problem. Our system offers one to many conversations.
  • Offers up to 40% longer battery life than FDMA and analog radios
  • Offers intrinsically safe options for use in locations where flammable gas, vapors or combustible dust may be present .

Contact us so we can compare our MOTOTRBO Network plan to your current plan.